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There are four easy steps to follow to get access to your rider experience:
 Accept the voucher by tapping on the URL link
 View voucher details
 Toggle vouchers in the payment selector
 Automatically select for use on trips that meet the requirements
By clicking the redemption link, you will be able to claim the voucher. Then, it will be saved to your Uber
account, and you can use it when it is eligible-it’s that easy!


Once you have entered your destination during an available time frame, the voucher will automatically
appear on the ride request screen directly above the Confirm button. You are also able to view your voucher
details in your Uber app by selecting the menu bar. From there, tap Payment, scroll down, tap Vouchers and
view your details.
Remember that vouchers only work within the parameters set by Jaguar Land Rover Newport Beach. Be sure
to double-check this by clicking on the original voucher link or in the Uber app under the Payments tab. This
will require an active Uber app.