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What is the Jaguar symbol and how did it come about? The “Jaguar Leaper”, as it’s called, is one of the most iconic automotive logos. But did you know there are actually two Jaguar logos? One leaps, one roars! Both, of course, depict one of the most powerful big cats in the animal kingdom: the Jaguar. Read on to learn more or contact us now for additional information.

What’s the Meaning of the Jaguar Logos?

There are actually two Jaguar symbols! Both emphasize the “grace, elegance, performance, power, and the ambition to leap forward” that define the Jaguar brand. Perhaps the most iconic Jaguar emblem is the Jaguar Leaper or Leaping Jaguar. But there’s also another: the Roaring Jaguar:

  • The Leaping Jaguar: This iconic Jaguar emblem is a silver jaguar cat caught in the middle of leaping forward with a snarl on its face. Originally concepted and used as a hood ornament, the Leaper is now a 2D badge in silver, metallic gray, and black. It emphasizes the power and elegance of the Jaguar brand.
  • Leaping Jaguar Logo
  • The Roaring Jaguar: This is a circular logo with a depiction of a Jaguar head roaring. It is usually seen with a red background and a silver border, but early versions included a gold jaguar with a red background and black border
  • Roaring Jaguar Logo

What do the Jaguar colors mean in the logos? Silver and metallic gray, used in both Jaguar logos, are meant to symbolize sophistication and modernity. Black, meanwhile, depicts integrity and performance. Red signifies the passion for the drive that all Jaguar cars share in common.

The History of the Jaguar Logo

Jaguar as a brand had humble beginnings in Britain, but since then, it’s become a truly internationally-known company. Here’s a brief history of the Jaguar logo and brand:

  • 1922 – The Swallow Sidecar Company was founded. Originally, it created sidecars for motorcycles in England. By 1934, the company was renamed and rebranded as an auto manufacturer — SS Cars Limited.
  • 1935 – The SS Jaguar was created, being the first model with the name Jaguar in it. The logo on the SS Jaguar models was a badge with the text “Jaguar” surrounded by the wings and tail of a bird.
  • 1945 – SS Cars Limited was renamed as Jaguar Cars Limited to establish the company as a distinct British brand, and to avoid any confusion with the Nazi SS military group operating during World War II.
  • 1945 – The famous Leaping Jaguar logo was first introduced on hood ornaments, and its style remained fairly similar until the early 2000s.

The Decline of the Jaguar Hood Ornament

If you’ve noticed newer Jaguar models, you’ll note that they no longer have a hood ornament — a type of 3D emblem that juts out from the front of the vehicle. Why is that? Safety concerns and attempts at making Jaguar models more aerodynamic are major reasons. Learn more below:

  • 1968 – The federal seat belt law was passed, and with it came an increased focus on safety. Stylistic flourishes like hood ornaments and rear fins disappeared in favor of safer vehicles. 
  • 1980’s – Hood ornament theft became more common, as rappers began to wear hood ornaments as necklaces, and people began to follow suit. The cost of replacing these parts led to fewer cars being designed with them in the first place.
  • 2005 – The EU further tightened safety regulations for pedestrian safety, requiring hood ornaments to collapse, bend, or fold away in the event of a frontal collision. Many luxury brands, including Jaguar, decided to remove hood ornaments altogether at this point.

The Leaping Jaguar lives on in current models, but you’ll find it in a new form: as a silhouetted badge-style version. Normally, it is positioned on the driver’s side and rear of the vehicle. The circular emblem of the Roaring Jaguar is now found front and center on the grille.

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